Lysol Soap Dispenser Problems

The Lysol soap dispenser has become very famous in the recent past. It has found strong footing in the market and its sales are increasing by the day. The reason behind this is that people are now realizing the dangers the ordinary soaps and hand pump dispensers pose. There is a lot of pollution these days and hundred percent sanitation is an absolute must. Thus, the dispensers are very handy not only at home but also in nurseries, hospitals and various public areas where many people use it. To keep yourself safe from germs, the dispenser is indeed something that you must buy. However, nothing comes without problems and you may have faced quite a few Lysol soap dispenser problems at some point or the other.

There might be technical problems or the piece may just be defective. To solve a few of such Lysol soap dispenser problems, here are the most common ones enlisted for you along with solutions.

Common Lysol Soap Dispenser Problems With Solutions

  • The Lysol soap dispenser sensor light is not working properly. It keeps blinking on and off.

Solution: Your dispenser needs cleaning. Remove the soap dispenser first and make it stand so that cleaning is easier for you. Basic maintenance and some care are very important here. When you want to wash your hands, you should hold your hands closer to the red light. But be careful not to get the soap into the dispenser by getting so close.  At least once every month, make sure you clean the dispenser. Turn it off and wipe it after placing it upside down and check the batteries once too.

  • The red light is blinking once in a while but the dispenser is working fine:

Solution: Check the batteries here. The batteries might not be compatible or properly functioning. This usually happens with normal batteries and not with the rechargeable ones. You can continue using the batteries or simply replace them if the red light annoys you.

  • My dispenser dispenses more soap than I want it to:

Solution: This may be a technical fault if you bought your dispenser from the original company and a reputed dealer. This usually happens because the motor overworks itself. The right light will continue to flash until you turn the dispenser off. If you are using some other soap, try changing it to a less concentrated one. Otherwise, ask the company for a replacement.

Remember that you will face minimum Lysol soap dispenser problems if you buy from reputed dealers. Any mechanical Lysol soap dispenser problems will be solved by the company under the warranty scheme and you can use your dispenser without any problems. Hence, there should be a heaping amount of helpful information online in troubleshooting Lysol soap dispenser problems from users and Lysol themselves since it is a widely used product.